Hawthorne Ave/ Bishop Park pedestrian access map

At the July 2 meeting, Commissioner Tim Denson pushed through a Commission Defined Option (aka CDO) to create a connected sidewalk along the western side of Hawthorne Avenue and creating accessible pedestrian entrances to Bishop Park on both the north and south ends of the park (these are goals stated in the adopted Bishop Park Master Plan). This is being done efficiently and economically by creating a continuous paved pedestrian walkway on the west‐side of Hawthorne Ave. by extending the existing sidewalk to connect to the existing paved path already in Bishop Park. This will make Hawthorne Ave. safer for pedestrians and make Bishop Park more accessible to everyone, especially pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users approaching from the westside.

This CDO was crafted by Commissioner Denson and Commissioner Melissa Link as part of the Intersection Improvement Concepts for Hawthorne Avenue at Oglethorpe Avenue which passed. With these changes we will see this challenging intersection become safer for motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, and transit riders!

You can review the agenda item and the passed CDO that was adopted here: https://drive.google.com/open…