In a Special Session during Tuesday night’s Work Session, the Mayor & Commission passed an assistance package for “indigent services”. This funding, the first of many rounds, is focused on homeless services providers. A second round will be developed through an RFP (Request for Proposals) process starting the week of April 20 intended at a broader financial assistance, and intended to be passed by the Commission at the June voting session.

In addition to the $3 million dollars for the Resiliency Package, Athens-Clarke County Unified Government has been awarded an additional $829,000 in CDBG funds for COVID-19 relief. This funding will also be dispersed through a RFP process through the Housing and Community Development Department in the coming months. This funding can have broader uses since it is outside of the strict Georgia Gratuities Clause, and its uses will hopefully include temporary relief for those experiencing financial hardship due to the pandemic.

ACC is also exploring creating a special Authority that can be used to help local small businesses, potentially in the way of offering low interest, possibly 0% interest, loans. A portion of the $3 million dollars has been set aside for this purpose and more information should be available the week of April 20.

See below for the funding allocations for the Indigent Services assistance passed on April 14:

Indigent Services – $150,000

  1. Advantage Behavioral Health Systems – $61,500

    ABHS’ Homeless Day Service Center provides homeless individuals with case management, basic needs (shower, laundry, and hygiene kits), mental health services, and rental assistance. Indigent services costs include the provision of hotel payment assistance for 10 homeless individuals, staffing of three part‐time weekend positions for Homeless Day Service Center and hotel management operations, cleaning supplies for 65 households and 4 onsite offices; PPE for crisis center and 24/7 residential staff, food assistance for 65 homeless residents, and a portable restroom to receive service daily.
  2. Athens Area Homeless Shelter – $61,500
    AAHS provides emergency shelter and rental assistance to homeless families.
    Indigent services costs include the provision of hotel payment assistance for 10 homeless families, costs for two 24/7 on duty staff located at the hotel, shelter cleaning supplies, PPE for staff, food assistance for 10 sheltered families (breakfast, lunch, dinner), personal care items for sheltered families
  3. Bigger Vision – $11,000
    Bigger Vision provides emergency shelter for homeless individuals.
    Indigent services costs include staff costs for day‐shift coverage, shelter‐cleaning supplies, PPE for 6 staff, food assistance for homeless clients, and one portable restroom to receive service daily.
  4. Family Promise – $16,000
    Family Promise/Interfaith Hospitality Network provides emergency shelter for homeless families. Indigent services costs include staffing costs for one full‐time on site case manager, shelter‐cleaning supplies, PPE for 40 staff/volunteers, and food assistance (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for 10 individuals.