Commissioner Denson and the Athens-Clarke County Mayor & Commission are taking the coronavirus pandemic very seriously and responding accordingly to keep the Athens community healthy and protected.

ACCGOV currently has a Mask Mandate in place in Athens for all indoor spaces open to the public, there is also a Vaccine Mandate for all ACCGOV employees. Clarke County School District has also passed a Mask Mandate for all public schools. At this time, UGA is not requiring masks or vaccines at all.

COVID-19 Data & Reporting:

It is important to have thorough, up to date, verified information. Here are the information sources that Commissioner Denson keeps up with. Stay informed and stop misinformation!

  • Georgia Department of Public Health Daily Covid Status Report (a report showing cases, deaths, and testing information for the state of Georgia and also each specific County, including Clarke County)
  • Clarke County School District Covid Report Dashboard (report shows total number of cases and individuals in quarantine for entire school district and each school/building)
  • University of Georgia Health Center Covid Reporting (reports the number of positive tests reported but also the percentage of people who are asymptomatic who test positive through “Surveillance Testing”)
  • Athens Wastewate Surveilance Covid-19 report (UGA Scientists take a weekly sample from specific sewer manholes and report the amount of Covid-19 viruses being shed in that area. This gives a general reading of the number of people who have the virus and are “shedding” the virus in their feces.)
  • Georgia Medical Facility Patient Census Dashboard (a report showing an estimate of number of patients hospitalized for Covid-19. Select “Region E” to see Athens-area stats. Also see Georgia Bed & Ventilator Capacity Dashboard)
  • GDPH Covid Vaccination Dashboard (report showing vaccination numbers and information for the state of Georgia and also each specific County, including Clarke County)

You can find information on the Athens-Clarke County response by visiting

Need to get Vaccinated or Tested?

Click here for info on the $100 per shot vaccine incentive program the Mayor & Commission has approved!

Commissioner Tim Denson has compiled a list of resources for: