October 9, 2017

We Need Free Transit on Election Day!

Tim Denson - Fare-free public transit

Let’s use public transit to get Voters to the polls! For years, cities and counties all across the United States have begun offering fare-free public transit on election dates to encourage voters to turnout and to remove one of the many indirect costs associated with voting. The upcoming November 7 election, featuring TSPLOST on the ballot, is the perfect opportunity …

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September 19, 2017

Tim Denson Campaign Kickoff a Huge Success!

Dozens of supporters poured into Bishop Park this past Sunday to attend the Tim Denson Campaign Kickoff. They were there to hear Tim Denson roll out his campaign for Athens-Clarke County Commission and present his vision for Athens and District 5. The environment for the kickoff was positive and optimistic, full of fellowship, music, food, and games. Campaign Manager Briana …

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September 2, 2017

Meet Tim

Tim Denson is a father, husband, and community organizer who believes that, by uniting the people, we can make an Athens that works for everyone. The Experience While Tim may not have served on the Commission quite yet, he has been doing the job from the other side of the rail–in the community–since 2011. He has attended almost every ACC …

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August 30, 2017

Tim’s Vision for Athens

Tim Denson near Athens city hall

While I may not have served on the Commission yet, I have been doing the job from the other side of the rail–in the community–since 2013. As an Athens-Clarke County Commissioner, I will fight tirelessly to combat poverty, increase access to affordable, quality services, and build an Athens that works not just for the wealthy, but for every single resident …

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