Too often the wealthiest, those at the top, benefit from our economy and “economic development”. What about developing the economies of working class people? Here in Athens, I will push for a “local first” economy to make sure the economic system in Athens is a just one that works for all of us.

    • I will actively develop and support policies that establish living wages so all families can enjoy the economic security that we all deserve. Our County Government must take action to drastically lower our 38% poverty rate.
    • I will fight to ensure that every Athenian has access to high quality, affordable child care. Parents should never have to choose between guaranteeing quality care for their children or taking a job to support their family.
    • I will advocate for affordable housing through policies such as inclusionary zoning, where a certain percentage of new units are designated to be affordable for working class Athenians.
    • I will advocate for policies that support black-owned businesses and ensure that Athens-Clarke County is a place where they can prosper.
    • Since it has been shown that every $1 invested in public transit reaps $4 in economic returns for the local economy, I will continue to work to transition Athens Transit to a fare-free service. This will also leave more money in the pockets of Athenians that can then be invested into our local economy.

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