In today’s world, access to affordable transportation is undeniably a human right. We must ensure that Athens has a reliable, accessible public transit system. I have been working with other transit advocates to push our County to prioritize our Athens Transit system and we have been moving in the right direction. But there is more to do to grow our economy while creating a safer, cleaner, and more equitable society!

    • I will work to bring bus service to Whitehead Road & US 441 so residents can travel conveniently and affordably across town for work and leisure.
    • I will continue to dedicate myself to the work of transitioning Athens Transit to a fare-free service so that lack of access to transportation is never a barrier for getting to work, enjoying a neighborhood park, or taking your kids to school.
    • I will work with Athens transit riders and Athens Transit to create a Transit Rider Committee, tasked with making recommendations on issues affecting public transportation.

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