Systemic racism is a result of choices made by real people with access to political power. I will tirelessly dedicate my service on the Commission to dismantling systems of oppression and advocating for policy changes that tackle deep-rooted poverty and racial injustice. Our County Government must pursue racial justice, we must declare that Black Lives Matter.

    • I will fight to establish comprehensive civil rights legislation at the local level that includes an Athens Civil Rights Committee. For too long, Athens residents have faced discrimination and inequity with nowhere to go to seek justice.
    • I will work to reform our criminal justice system, starting by decriminalizing marijuana. It is unacceptable that, though marijuana usage is virtually the same across races, black people are 4.7 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession.
    • I will advocate for policies that support black-owned businesses and ensure they prosper in Athens-Clarke County.
    • I will advocate for the creation of a Criminal Justice Task Force to assess our justice system’s practices. I will work to ensure that our criminal justice system puts fewer people behind bars and stops disproportionately targeting people of color, especially young black men. I will call out and work to end any practices that profit off of the imprisonment of Athenians.

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