Clarke County School District has a chance to become a stalwart school district that ensures every student who comes through one of our school’s doors has the opportunity to receive a top-quality education. This is why I am excited to be a candidate for the District 5 seat on the Clarke County School Board.

I will support CCSD students, parents, and teachers & staff by using my skills & experiences acquired thru 11 years of community organizing, 4 years as an Athens-Clarke County Commissioner, and 8 years serving on numerous boards & committees.

Supporting students & parents

  • Hold regular townhalls with students & parents
  • Attend Local School Governance Team & PTO meetings for District 5 schools and support these vital organizations
  • Utilize social media and a monthly newsletter to communicate with the families and residents of District 5
  • Prioritize equity in leadership decisions through racial, social, and enconomic justice lenses
  • Find ways to directly empower students such as expanding scope of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council

Supporting teachers & staff

  • Tirelessly advocate for fair wages & benefits to be paid to all CCSD employees
  • Hold regular townhalls & roundtable discussions with teachers & staff
  • Listen to teachers so that trust can be repaired
  • Work to protect the workers rights of staff & teachers including the right to organize and unionize

Improving CCSD’s culture & community trust

  • Advocate for an Open Door Democracy approach with the School Board & administration
  • Push for more transparency and local engagement with ESPLOST process and annual budget
  • Ensure that CCSD correctly follows all Open Meetings & Sunshine Laws
  • Work with ACCgov & stakeholders to create School Safety Areas & further implement Safe Paths to Schools.

I look forward to sharing my vision for the Clarke County School District further over the coming weeks and working with the teachers, parents, and students of Athens to make a school district that works for everyone! For questions or information write to