Tim is so proud to be endorsed by Our Revolution Georgia in his race to become the next County Commissioner for District 5! Tim is honored to be part of such a wonderful slate of progressive Georgians committed to making a Georgia that works for everyone!

Our Revolution Georgia announced on March 14, “We are excited to endorse Tim Denson for County Commission in Athens-Clarke County, District 5. Tim is a father, husband, and community organizer who has been an integral part of the fight for progressive policies in Athens. His platform centers on racial, social, and economic justice, including fare-free transit and marijuana decriminalization, and he is committed to making government more transparent and accessible, particularly for the most vulnerable among us.”

Tim is committed to fighting alongside and working with progressives across Georgia in making this wonderful state work for everyone! [Read the full endorsement here: https://ourrevolutiongeorgia.com/timdenson/ ]