I love you Athens, Georgia. Words can’t express how I feel, but I’ll try.

Thank you for electing me to be the Athens-Clarke County Commission for District 5. As I stood outside in the rain yesterday waving to people outside of the voting precincts, I was moved as I saw hundreds of people whose doors I had knocked on, who I spoke with on their front porches drive to the polls to cast their vote. I am so thankful and appreciative to have the opportunity to serve and work with the wonderful, wonderful people of District 5. From King Avenue to Lavendar Road, Rocky Drive to Lake Forest Drive and everything in between…I’m committed to you.

We made history last night by electing a Mayor and County Commission that is set upon creating an Athens that doesn’t work just for those with power and wealth but that works for everyone. I am so proud to be part of this. We have an opportunity to make a local economy that focuses on working-class Athenians, to finally address the economic and social inequalities that black Athenians and other people of color have had to face since Athens’ inception, to put in place real reforms for our criminal justice system, and to create transportation systems and infrastructure that are safe and equitable. And this is my pledge to you: I will fight with every ounce of me for these policies and other policies that will make Athens work for everyone. This is a journey and I’m so excited to go on it with you.

I have more people to thank than I can here in this post but there are some that I must.
I want to thank my wife, Jennifer Winchell Denson, for being (usually) so understanding, sacrificing, and always willing to lend a talented hand when I needed it…also my daughter Sarah Michelle for being the best distraction in the world from the campaign trail, and rest of my supportive family. My friend and Campaign Manager Briana Bivens for matching my tenacity and being willing to challenge me and to stand with me when it felt like nobody else was.  Also, the other members of the Tim Denson for Athens team: Walt Swanson, Jimena Vargas, Chris Dowd, and Ellen Walker…and the dozens of volunteers who knocked on doors, made telephone calls, ninja’d, hosted events, and SO much more. I also want to thank all of my supporters and the wonderful organizations that believed in me; Athens for Everyone (comrades for life), Our Revolution Georgia, the Georgia AFL-CIO, and Together We Will – Athens.


I also must mention the other amazing candidates who are on this journey with me. Patrick Davenport, Mariah Parker, Melissa Link, Russell Edwards, and Ovita Thornton will help us bring in this new day for Athens…a group committed to doing what is right and making Athens work for everyone as we work with Mayor-elect Kelly Girtz. We will push each other and hold each other accountable. I can’t wait to welcome all of you into City Hall with me.

Thank you Athens for giving me a home and a chance.

In solidarity & love,
Tim Denson